About Rob Dracker

BFA Communication Design
Syracuse University, Class of '09

Rob has worked with a number of tech startups since graduating from SU in 2009. He has worked extensively with a broad range of clients in industries ranging from Fortune 150 corporations such as Arrow Electronics, healthcare product manufacturers like Welch-Allyn (now Hil-Rom) and individuals in the music entertainment industry. He has designed mobile and web solutions for country clubs, restaurants, tech startups and has worked extensively with development teams to create rapid implementation of features and user experience considerations. Currently Rob is seeking to relocate to the Cary/Durham area of North Carolina in an effort immerse his skills and passion in the technology triangle.

Professional Work Experience and Design Portfolio of Robert A. Dracker
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User Experience, Interface and Product Development

Designing an experience is a practice in discovering harmony between the purpose of a product, the ease of which people access and utilize information, and the way a product fits into the environment and perspective of its intended audience. If form follows function, than an experience is the function of the form an interface takes… and a product is a form inspired by the function it aims to solve. This concept is at the core of my contributions to interface and product development.


Design that Speaks to People

Work, play, shopping, travel, health, love and searching for answers…the way people interact with information affects every aspect of our lives. When designing anything – be it an interface or app, information designs and communication materials, branding, advertising and copywritten messaging – I always begin with people in mind. It’s how I work with a creative and development team to produce something people won’t just use, but love.


Global Sales Support, Marketing and Analytical Reporting

For the last two years I have been employed with Arrow Electronics, an F150 global leader in electronic components, computer systems and advanced engineering. My focus surrounds the support of our sales team, the development of marketing materials for the release of new products and services, the creation of product videos and ongoing web development. I have had the opportunity to design and lead sales programs, publish product videos on the websites of major suppliers like Intel, track the revenue and GP of our sales team and have worked closely with the marketing team to increase our web traffic from an average of 750 visits to over 60,000 visits monthly.