About Rob Dracker

BFA Communication Design
Syracuse University, Class of '09

Rob has worked with a number of tech startups since graduating from SU in 2009. He has worked extensively with a broad range of clients in industries ranging from Fortune 150 corporations such as Arrow Electronics, healthcare product manufacturers like Welch-Allyn (now Hil-Rom) and individuals in the music entertainment industry. He has designed mobile and web solutions for country clubs, restaurants, tech startups and has worked extensively with development teams to create rapid implementation of features and user experience considerations. Currently Rob is seeking to relocate to the Cary/Durham area of North Carolina in an effort immerse his skills and passion in the technology triangle.


Device Frame

A comprehensive health management suite with bluetooth household device integration

Root was originally developed as a pilot management suite for a gastroenterology practice, but eventually developed into a full-scale heath management suite which integrated with Honeywell bluetooth devices via a cellular gateway. An application market featured a multitude of useful health management tools that integrate directly with devices in the home. Social features included a coaching feature that connected directly with a health coach, and allowed social sharing of healthy activities and progress. The software set was successfully sold and a portion of the software made it into a major health management product which is now on the market.

An identity designed for personal growth, a brand designed for your health to take Root

When developing the identity for Root, the team determined that a theme which reflected progress would be appropriate. Planting your roots in a health lifestyle requires constant improvement and incentive to do so. By managing your health progress successfully every day, you could successfully raise your level from start to finish. The idea of a tree kept coming up in conversation, and it was eventually determined that in caring for your health as you would for a tree in your garden, you could make progress from a seedling to a fully bloomed tree. Excellence in health management would yield literal fruit – an incentive program was developed to allow partnerships for grocery stores and health food stores where healthy activity would produce discounts and valuable offers.

Overview of device and application integration