About Rob Dracker

BFA Communication Design
Syracuse University, Class of '09

Rob has worked with a number of tech startups since graduating from SU in 2009. He has worked extensively with a broad range of clients in industries ranging from Fortune 150 corporations such as Arrow Electronics, healthcare product manufacturers like Welch-Allyn (now Hil-Rom) and individuals in the music entertainment industry. He has designed mobile and web solutions for country clubs, restaurants, tech startups and has worked extensively with development teams to create rapid implementation of features and user experience considerations. Currently Rob is seeking to relocate to the Cary/Durham area of North Carolina in an effort immerse his skills and passion in the technology triangle.


User experience considerations and user interface designs for various clients – with examples of the planning and briefing process, user experience walkthroughs, interface comps and product demonstrations. For the full UX/UI portfolio, Click Here!


Arrow Electronics required an app that would simplify global access to sales support materials and cross-departmental integration. Check out the UI design and application video demonstration here!


A health management suite that utilizes a household bluetooth gateway to create an at-home IoT network of health devices like scales, blood oximeters, fitness bands and more.


With the release of a new family of vehicles, I pitched a mobile and tablet app for a Mazda vehicle-builder that would speak to a demographic of road warriors and adventurers alike.


An exciting take on planning for both short and long term life goals. It aims to inspire users to create their own constellations made of milestones towards their achievement like stars in the sky.


Designing a user experience is a practice in discovering harmony between the purpose of a product, the ease of which people access and utilize information, and the way a product fits into the environment and perspective of its intended audience. If form follows function, then a user experience is the function of the form a user interface takes… and a product is a form inspired by the function it aims to solve. This concept is at the core of my contributions to interface and product development.


A user interface is only as good as the program it directs, however – and an effective development schedule is paramount to the success of an application. Through a number of projects I have found a way to balance standard SCRUM workflow with creative direction and UX/UI design, in a way which accelerates the development process by giving preliminary visual reality to the goals of a team. Check out the infographic to the right to learn more about the concept!


Years of handcoding experience from X/HTML transitional to modern-day HTML5 and feature libraries.


Experience writing concise and clear stylesheets, with some experience writing SCSS/SASS for consolidated and conditional styling.

JS + Libraries

Intermediate experience with Javascript, jQuery and associated libraries - I am able to consider the framing of web applications and the management of called services with Angular, Node and React while designing interfaces.

DB Friendly Framing

I have an understanding of the configuration of application databases, and consider this in the UX/UI designs I create with a focus on development and app performance efficiency.

Content Development

Rapid and robust creation of artistic content and copywriting for web, applications and more.


I am sensitive to the needs of an intended audience, able to shift the design to meet applicable human factors considerations.


An understanding of the implementation and interpretation of web and application based analytical reporting.


Experience implementing various e-commerce solutions in wordpress, DNN and more.